When the Bum Won’t Pay You Back

Judge Wapner sitting in court

When the Bum Won’t Pay You Back

Collect Your Debt With a Collection Lawyer

From the time money was invented, people with money have made agreements to lend it and borrowers have made promises to pay it back, often with interest. Since then, borrowers have reneged on their promise to pay and lenders have implored various means to collect their debts.

In a civilized society, we have evolved from kidnapping and torture to seeking help from the Courts and Judges that decide lawsuits. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I know that some people are hurting; they have no money to pay their bills and feel very badly about it.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen unscrupulous people acquire money through unlawful devices with no intent to repay it.  And as a collection lawyer, I sometimes have to engage in games of hide-and-seek to find money and assets that dishonest debtors try to conceal from their creditors.

Getting What’s Owed to You

The Courts provide a forum where an independent judge or jury can decide a dispute and enter a Judgment that establishes that one party owes a specific amount of money to another. The Court can then preside over enforcement proceedings to restore compensation to an aggrieved party, known as the judgment creditor. These enforcement measures may include installment payment orders, bank account garnishments, wage deductions, recovery of property, and forced sale of assets. Small claims, where the dollar amount claimed is under a set jurisdictional limit, and not involving a corporation, can be prosecuted and defended by non-lawyers.  Larger claims will usually be filed and litigated in a division of the Court where the rules and procedures are more complex. This is where employing a collection lawyer is advantageous and sometimes required.

Unpaid creditors, you need to call Greg Martucci, an experienced lawyer who can help you collect your larger debts. I am a persistent advocate who will vigorously pursue your claim.  I am also knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and able to identify exceptions to discharge, which may allow you to pursue your claim even after a bankruptcy is filed.  If you’ve made a large loan to a bum who won’t pay you back, call me at 630-980-8333 to schedule your free initial office consultation to discuss your collection claims and remedies