Work injuries are treated differently than Personal Injury claims. An employee who sustains an accidental injury on the job, may only seek benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  This Act provides an exclusive remedy for injured employees.

While the law precludes an employee from suing his employer for accidental injuries, the Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits to injured employees without regard to fault or negligence. So long as the employee was injured within the course and scope of his employment (on the job and doing his or her job), benefits are available to cover medical bills, lost earnings (TTD benefits) and provide compensation for partial or permanent injuries.

Greg Martucci has more than 30 years' experience as a trial lawyer and has recovered and negotiated substantial monetary settlements on behalf of his clients.  The results of any particular case depends upon issues of coverage under the Workers' Compensation Act and damages, or the nature and extent of injury, which are often disputed and are unique to each claim.

If you are injured on the job, while doing your job or acting at the direction of your employer, and need to file a Workers' Compensation claim, Greg Martucci can help you. He will file your Application for Adjustment of Benefits in the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission and guide you throughout the course of your case.

He will diligently work to have your medical bills paid, temporary compensation paid during extended absences from work, and, once you have completed any necessary medical treatment or determined your future needs, he will negotiate fair and just compensation for any partial or permanent disability; or, if negotiations are not proceeding in good faith, prepare your case for trial.

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