Juvenile Courts exist to secure for minors such care and guidance as will serve the safety and moral, emotional mental, and physical welfare of the minor and the best interests of the community.  Proceedings in Juvenile Court may involve (1) Abused, Neglected or Dependent Minors, (2) Minors Requiring Authoritative Intervention, (3) Addicted Minors, and (4) Delinquent Minors.

For many violations of the law, individuals who are 16 years old or younger are charged as a "delinquent minor." This has different implications than if a person is charged as an adult. In many cases, the judge, prosecutor, probation officer and defense attorney are working toward a solution with a goal of rehabilitation rather than punishment.

A young offender may benefit from a term of Court Supervision with drug or alcohol counseling and random testing, family counseling, educational goals, court-imposed rules. The minor may also benefit from a term of Probation with probation department oversight, and rigid rules, and eventually grow up to become a good citizen in his or her community.

Some minors are prosecuted as criminals with the goal to incarcerate them.  Another young person may be wrongfully accused and rightfully assert his/his right to trial to clear his/her name. Greg Martucci can provide a vigorous defense for these minors at Trial (Adjudicatory hearing).

Juvenile court also deals with minors who are chronic truants from school, who have run away from home, who refuse to obey their parents or guardians, whose physical safety is in immediate danger; who have alcohol or drug addictions,  and cases involving the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS).

Greg Martucci will advocate for the special legal rights of minors, and in some cases, their parents or guardians, to ensure that their best interests are protected in juvenile court.

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