When people cannot resolve their differences, they may have to go to court.  A skilled trial lawyer can help you prevail before a judge or jury. We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Civil Litigation, including Personal Injury Claims, Property Damage Claims, Contract Disputes, Collections, Evictions, Defenses to Claims and Other Civil Matters.

Sometimes it proves too difficult or time-consuming to collect debts for goods and services provided, or loans extended. Businesses and individuals alike may find that experienced legal assistance yields the best return for collecting money owed to them.

In most cases, the dispute can be resolved after skillful negotiations by an experienced legal advocate, such as Greg Martucci. When that is not possible, Greg Martucci is an experienced trial lawyer, knowledgeable of the rules of evidence and procedure, who can skillfully and artfully present your claim or defense to a Judge or Jury.

Whether you need legal representation for the defense or prosecution of a civil lawsuit, Greg Martucci will aggressively and ethically represent you to ensure that your assets and interests are protected, and the best possible result is attained through trial or settlement.

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