Martucci Law can assist and represent you with other legal services such as Secretary of State Hearings, Adoption, Probate, Negotiations, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Release of Claims, and Name Change.

Formal Hearings before the Secretary of State – We help people who have lost their driver’s license for DUI/DWI convictions or other reasons regain their driving privileges through a formal hearing with the Secretary of State's Office. If the driver is not eligible for full reinstatement, we prepare our clients, witnesses and documentation to present a clear and convincing case for issuance of a Restricted Driving Permit.

Adoption – We help families grow by adopting a related or unrelated child into their family.

Probate – We help the survivors of decedents, through an administrator or executor, administer estates and distribute property to heirs as provided by law, or in accordance with the intention of the decedent as expressed in a Will.

Negotiations – We help individuals and businesses obtain a favorable position in a variety of circumstances through skillful negotiations.

Last Will & Testament – We help people accomplish their goals for distributing their property after their death to those individuals or beneficiaries to whom the Testator (Will-maker) intends to receive their property.

Power of Attorney for Health Care – We help people designate an agent to make health care decisions for them when they are not able to speak for themselves.

Power of Attorney for Property – We help people designate an agent to make decisions regarding their property and in dealing with other individuals, businesses, banks, institutions and government, when the person is not able to speak or act on their own behalf.

Release of All Claims – We can provide release documents to end claims and protect the assets of our client from further claims.

Name Change – We can help people legally change their name for legitimate purposes.

And more . . .

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